Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Foolish Barber (part-2)

Moral storys for kids in English of a foolish barber
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After receiving the gold coins the barber was going home and planning something. So that’s the secret, these monks turn into gold coins.

So that’s how Virender must have acquired his wealth earlier also. The following day Lal Chand took out the stick and went to the monk’s temple.

He found five monks outside the temple. Oh! Great men, I request you to come to my house so that I could donate something to you. Actually, it’s an epic book and I don’t understand anything. It might be of a use to you great monks.

Why not? Where is your house?

It’s close by, please accompany me we shall reach in no time. As the monks reached his house Lal Chand closed the door.

Where is that book?

Oh! Ya, I shall show you that also but before that let me accomplish my job at least. He started hitting them on the heads.

Save…. Save…. Oh! Save…. Save…. He is killing us. He is mad someone help!

The king’s guards heard their screams and came rushing. What happened, why are you so tensed? Oh! Someone has gone mad here he wants to kill us. We have some more monks inside who are in danger, please save all of us from him. 

The guards went inside and heard some more sounds. Oh! Save he is killing us. He is mad, someone please help. Oh! It’s strange, no monk is turning into gold coins all my hard work has gone waste.

The guards caught hold of Lal Chand, the barber. He resented going with them and pleaded not guilty. Where are you taking me? Hey, what is this? That is what, we want to know we shall take to that Kazi.

Bloody fool! You want to become a Don in my town, stupid. Don’t you know what kind of a Kazi is me? I am the strongest Kazi of the town. How could you dear to do a crime in my town? Why were you killing the innocent monks?
What wrong have they done to you, stupid?

But sir, I also wanted to be rich, what else I could do? He narrated the whole story to the judge.

Oh no! very strange! How could it be? Anyway. Call that business man to the court. Soon, Virender was brought to the court.

You are Virender, the businessman. The person is Lal Chand barber, do you know him? Oh! Yes, yes sir.

Lal Chand barber says that he has seen you hitting a monk, is that right? No! no sir, I have not killed any monk. It seems Lal Chand has misinterpreted this incident. As anyone else could have done so but it was not like that.Virender narrated the whole story to the judge.

The babrber said, "Oh! That’s why no monk turned into gold coins when I hit them on their head? How foolish am I that I acted without thinking?" 

Hey! You shut up not only that you are foolish but you are also a criminal you are a greedy dog. I will not leave you like this. You will get severe punishment for your crime. He ordered his guards to put Lal Chand behind the bars.

Moral: Don’t be a copy cat.