Friday, January 12, 2018

Hunchback Woman's Home Back

funny beditme stories for kids of the hunchbacked old woman

First read the begining of The journey of Hunchbacked woman here  if you didn't read yet then read this one.

Her granddaughter became soo happy to see her after a long time. The granddaughter cooked some delicious meals and arranged some fresh fruits for the hunchback woman. Hunchbacked woman had enjoyed all the dishes fruits, also she has been provided the best hospitality.

The hunchbacked woman becomes healthy after some days and she said, ' I have to go now and maybe this is my last and best time with you, my dear' Her granddaughter asked, 'oh! Grandmother, why you're saying this, are you in trouble that can I help you?' The hunchback woman shared the entire story that happened on the way coming here. The granddaughter took a plan to get rid of it.

The Granddaughter arranged a big jar and some dry food. The hunchback woman sits inside the big jar with dry foods and her granddaughter covered the face of the jar with a cloth and pushed the jar. The jar was moving on the ground to the way of hunchback woman's house. The jar stopped near of the bear. The bear thought, this not useful to me, so let it go its own way. The bear also pushed the jar forward. The tiger got angry and said, 'Maybe the clever woman offering me this jar instead of her life. But I'm not going to accept this because a deal is a deal' He also did the same thing pushed forward the jar.

This time the jar stopped near of the fox. The fox was very clever she thought, 'I must check in whatever inside of it'. The fox broke the jar and found that hunchback woman. The fox became happy to see the old woman became healthy now. Ok! are you ready to die because I'm soo hungry and can't wait farther, The fox said. The old woman said, 'As my last wish please let me sing a song for myself'? The fox Agreed.

The old woman climbed on a nearby small mound and started singing, 'Join my party you too, my Ronga, Bhonga Bhutto. Join my party you too, my Ronga, Bhonga Bhutto... ...' As old woman's home was too close, so the three dogs heard and recognize her voice.

funny bedtime stories for kids the old woman

Ranga, Bhanga, and Bhutto felt their owner may be in trouble and she need their help that's why she is singing. Three dogs rushed towards their owner and saw a fox is taking preparation to kill their owner. The three dogs jumped on the fox to attack all the way. The old woman thanked for saving her lives and they all back to their home happily.