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Greatness of Hatem Tai


"The Greatness of Hatem Tai" Short moral, inspiring story for kids in English for students free online.

read short story about greatness of hatem tai in english for students. kids storys
The Greatness of Hatem Tai

Long long ago, there lived a very kind man named Hatem Tai in Yemen. People loved him very much. One day the king gave a dinner.

The guests praised both the king and Hatem Tai. This made the king very angry. He ordered his huntsman to kill Hatem Tai and bring his head. The man left the place for carrying out the king’s order.

The night was about to fail. Then he met a young man on the way. The young man took him to his house. He took all possible care of him and entertained him to the best of his ability. The man was very much pleased at his hospitality. 
Next morning, he asked the man about his mission. He told him all about the king’s plan and requested him to keep the matter secret too. 

They young man laughed and said, “you have made a mistake brother. You should have told me last night. I’m Hatem Tai. You can carry out your king’s order without delay” the man was surprise and said,” you are Hatem Tai! No, I can’t kill you.

You’re so noble.” The man left for the king’s place and told the king all about Hatem Tai. The king was pleased and invited him to a dinner. He praised Hatem Tai before his guests and showed him great honor.