Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fear of Imaginary Ghost

I am student of class X. I live in the hostel of my school. During the Summer vacation. I came to my village house and spent the whole vacation there.

After the Summer vacation had been over I went to the railway station at a distance of twenty kilometers from my house on foot. I reached the station at 9 O’clock at night. 

After reaching the station I came home. There was no transport in the road. I was walking home. I was all alone. There was silence all around. I felt that someone is following me. I was afraid even to look back. I stopped. But I heard no sound. As soon as I walked faster, the sound became louder.

I began to run to get rid of the sound. The sound too ran after me. The sight of the imaginary ghost made me nervous. I was sweating and trembling. I walked fast and reached home very soon.

I shouted, “Mother! Mother! Come out with a light”. My mother came out with a candle in her hand. She was alarmed seeing me trembling and sweating. I told my mother everything. My mother saw a small piece of wood stuck to my shoe, then I realized that this place of wood made the sound. Only then I felt relieved.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Read Free Online Stories

I love to read short stories, especially at bed time like kid’s. stories are become a part of my life I’m really use-to with reading short stories when I get free. Because its change my totally. now your question is how and what kind of changes your talking about?
Before 2 years I had been a very angriest person. but one day I have got a inspiring story also some funny stories. I have read it full, and it was a great experience for me. after reading that story I have found some changes in my behavior and I was happy to see it. As because I am a student to get help on my study I decide to read short stories in English for student.
I was reading and reading after someday I found that people are loving me they love what I say they are giving importance of my thoughts. I feel proud and then now people started to asking me how did you made these changes have you appointed any doctor etc. I said “yes it’s short stories that read daily before I sleep. Because its help me to sleep well.” They start laughing and said “it is so boring how did you do that”
Well! Some of my other friends suggest me if its help you so why don’t you share your experience on a website or social media even it could help someone else like you.
So here is my experience I’m sharing with you, I hope also you will share it more. my suggestion is read free online stories as you can.
Not only for us its helps to our kids to learn the importance of study in our life. Let them read kids storys that make them a human for future life kids bedtime stories for sleep well. If you think its going too early then I would like to inform you that, as a parent you always think you kids are not ready to get serious then you don’t know that children’s have two face one that you know next one you don’t know they escape from you to be a good kid in your eyes. Hope that you understand well. I well share more exciting words next time. For giving your important time to my words
Thanks to all

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The wolf and the Crane

the wolf and the crane

Once there lived a wolf in a deep forest. It was very ferocious. He always did harm to other animals. So, all the animals in the forest were scared of him. But they did not dare protest against it. They were quite helpless.

One day the wolf saw a healthy lamb grazing at the foot of a nearby small hill. He thought to himself. “What a healthy lamb it is! Its flesh would be very delicious. So, I shall make a good meal of it,” saying so he fell upon the young lamb, tore him to pieces and started devouring the delicious flesh. Suddenly a bone got stuck in his throat. It tried to get rid of it but could not. He was seeking help from the animals he saw around him. But none came forward to help him.
the crane is helping to the wolf

Then the wolf saw a crane with a long beak fishing by the river side and eating one by one. The crane was very hungry and weak because he could not have eaten any fish for a long time. The wolf went near the crane and told him with a soft voice, “Hallow, my dear friend, you seem to be very pale. Are you hungry?” the crane replied. “Yes, I am really very hungry. I have been looking for fish or some food since morning, but I found no food here. The wolf assured him saying, “Don’t worry you please help me to bring out the bone from my throat with your beak and in return I will give you a delicious meal.”

the wolf wanted to kill the crane

The crane believed the wolf. He brought out the bone from the throat of the wolf. The wolf got relief and became very happy. The crane then wanted a delicious meal from the wolf to complete his words by giving. The wolf said. “You have already got your return.” “How?” asked the crane. Wolf said, “I could easily swallow you when you entered your beak into my throat, But I showed you sympathy.” So, you should be grateful to me. The crane could smell his imminent danger and flew away immediately.