Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bee and the Teacher

Two short funny bedtime stores for kids and all to entertain. Both of the stories are about "Bee and his teacher". We have many funny stories about "Bee" and all are unique stories.

Bee and his Teacher

Bee's best friend was missing for a long time but one day someone saw, his friend has shallow on by an elephant. So afterward Bee went to his master to know about the elephant. The master told him it's not possible to eat human by an elephant even though it's a big animal but its throat is small.

But Bee was standing with his words that, his friend was swallowed by an Elephant.

The master became angry and try to convince him said, an Elephant is not capable to eat meat or any human rather than it only just can eat vegetables. So it's clear that your friend is not shallowed by the elephant.

Bee said, "I will confirm it from my friend when I go to heaven”

The master asked, “If your friend goes to hell then how do you ask him?"

The Bee replied, "Then you ask him"

Bee knows all


Bee went to school and it was English class. Her class teacher asks to the classroom to name an animal begins with "O". Bee says "Owl"

The teacher asks very next another question to the class, name an animal starts with "T". Bee says "Two Owl".

The teacher became angry to Bee of making fun of his question. So the teacher brought him out of the class and said, stand up here until the class end.

The teacher came back to the class and asked for an animal that begins with "M"

Bee heard the question outside of the class and answered loudly "Maybe an Owl"


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

King and Salves

It's a moral and "funny bedtime story for kids" in English that teach us how does hard work always pays and proves that honesty is the best policy. let's read below.

One day the king became so happy with two slave’s service. As they worked hard for many years so the King said "I'm happy to your service which you were providing honestly for many years, so I decided to give you both freedom tomorrow. But today you both have to do the last job for me, each of you has to make a rope for me that can be any size any length, it's up to you."

Hearing that the first slaves thought, all the time I have worked hard to full fill King's requirement. But today it's up to me so I will braid a small five-inch rope. He did and start walking towards the King's palace.

The second slave thought, ' for many years I have always served the best service to full fill king's requirement and today I will make a long, thick and strong rope for the King. Because I can't let spoil my good image at any cost.

Next day, after making the rope both of the slaves went to king's palace and presented their ropes to the King. The king absorbed the ropes and said afterward "follow me." The King take them to his treasure and said, “Take how much gold you can take by your rope then you both are free to leave.

The second slave left the palace with a big amount of gold as he made the long and strong rope. But the first slave takes few golds with his five-inch rope.

Moral: More Effort > More Reward.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Foolish Lion

Funny bedtime stories for kids of "The foolish Lion"Once upon a time, a man was passing by a lion's cage. Suddenly he got a call from the lion. The man goes back to the lion and asked, 'what's up?'

The lion said, 'I'm a good lion and I've been entertaining people last 6 years now I'm getting old and my owner doesn't feed me enough as well. So it will be a great favor if you get me free and I promise you that, I will go back to the jungle and never harm any people and live humbly.'

The man was very upright so he thought, yeah! I must help him and he did so. When he opened the cage the lion spoke up,

'Instead of my freedom I want to gift you something and that is your death because I'm soo much hungry and you will be an easy hunt for me.'

The man replied, ' but you promised me that you'll never harm any people and otherwise just now I have helped you and you can't do this with me.'

The lion said, yes I can.

At a stage, they both started a debate. Suddenly a fox was passing them and he goes towards them asked, what's the matter?. Then the lion presented his opinion then the man presented his opinion. But the Fox didn't understand anything about what has happened. Then the lion become angry and said,

'Ok! I'm showing you all the things from the beginning. 

Saying of that, the lion gets back to his cage and commanded to lock the door from outside and the man does so.

So,I was exactly here in that positions then I call him to get out of me here and the man did so.

The lion said, 'Ok! Do the exactly what happened and open the door.'

The fox said, 'No, let the lion and debate stay inside the cage if he doesn't deserve the freedom.'

Note: This funny bedtime stories for kids to moralize all of us the result of greediness.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Hunchback Woman's Home Back

funny beditme stories for kids of the hunchbacked old woman

First read the begining of The journey of Hunchbacked woman here  if you didn't read yet then read this one.

Her granddaughter became soo happy to see her after a long time. The granddaughter cooked some delicious meals and arranged some fresh fruits for the hunchback woman. Hunchbacked woman had enjoyed all the dishes fruits, also she has been provided the best hospitality.

The hunchbacked woman becomes healthy after some days and she said, ' I have to go now and maybe this is my last and best time with you, my dear' Her granddaughter asked, 'oh! Grandmother, why you're saying this, are you in trouble that can I help you?' The hunchback woman shared the entire story that happened on the way coming here. The granddaughter took a plan to get rid of it.

The Granddaughter arranged a big jar and some dry food. The hunchback woman sits inside the big jar with dry foods and her granddaughter covered the face of the jar with a cloth and pushed the jar. The jar was moving on the ground to the way of hunchback woman's house. The jar stopped near of the bear. The bear thought, this not useful to me, so let it go its own way. The bear also pushed the jar forward. The tiger got angry and said, 'Maybe the clever woman offering me this jar instead of her life. But I'm not going to accept this because a deal is a deal' He also did the same thing pushed forward the jar.

This time the jar stopped near of the fox. The fox was very clever she thought, 'I must check in whatever inside of it'. The fox broke the jar and found that hunchback woman. The fox became happy to see the old woman became healthy now. Ok! are you ready to die because I'm soo hungry and can't wait farther, The fox said. The old woman said, 'As my last wish please let me sing a song for myself'? The fox Agreed.

The old woman climbed on a nearby small mound and started singing, 'Join my party you too, my Ronga, Bhonga Bhutto. Join my party you too, my Ronga, Bhonga Bhutto... ...' As old woman's home was too close, so the three dogs heard and recognize her voice.

funny bedtime stories for kids the old woman

Ranga, Bhanga, and Bhutto felt their owner may be in trouble and she need their help that's why she is singing. Three dogs rushed towards their owner and saw a fox is taking preparation to kill their owner. The three dogs jumped on the fox to attack all the way. The old woman thanked for saving her lives and they all back to their home happily.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Journey of Hunchbacked Woman

funny bedtime story for kids of 'journey of Hunchbacked woman'

Once upon a time, there lived an old woman in a village. She had three dogs named Ranga, Bhanga, Bhutto. One day the old woman decides to go nearby village to meet with her granddaughter. So she commanded her dogs to take care of the house and she will back within two or three days. Then she started walking.

On the way, she stopped by a fox, 'you old woman, I'm soo hungry and I'm gonna eat you now' said the fox. The old woman replied, 'look at me I'm soo weak and thin and not perfect for your meal. Let me go to my granddaughter's house I will eat delicious food there and in return, you will get a healthy meal when I back. The fox think for a while and said, 'ok but I will be waiting here for you' 

The old woman thanked the fox and started walking on her way she found a tiger stop her way saying that, 'I was just waiting for you because I'm so hungry and you can be my today's meal'. The old woman got scared of seeing the tiger on the way and requested to, let her go to become healthy. The tiger thought, 'yeah she is right! even now she is not enough to feed me and I must let her go. The old women thanked and once again start walking in the jungle.

She was just a little bit short to reach her granddaughter's house she fell in another trouble. A bear was jammed her way to move farther and said, 'Ohh old lady would you like to move farther? Because this way ends in my stomach and once you reach me you can't go backward.’ The old woman said, ' I thought maybe you're clever than the fox but you don't' The bear got angry and forced to tell the reason to tell him a fool. The old woman said, 'In this way, at first, a fox wanted to eat me but she thought I'm just enough for her, not for her family, so she offered me to go to become a healthy meal.

If a small tiny fox can think that, why don't you think like her? Because you are bigger than her'. The bear realized she is right and it will be foolish to eat her now so the bear also happily agreed to let her go to became healthy and said, I'll make the fox fool by eating you because I will be the first whom you gonna meet this way. ha.. ha.... ha.... The old lady appreciated the bear and finally, she has reached her destination.

The pending story will be published tomorrow 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Gift

Last Christmas grandpa was far and it was too difficult for him to send the gift for Christmas. So instead of gifts, he decided to send checks to all of us. Then he mailed and just wrote on each card "Buy your own present". 

After enjoying the Christmas with exotic people grandpa got few cards in return and that was the only holiday it happened. Then he rushed into his study to email couple of relatives and ask what had happened. But before sending the mail he needed to clear the cluttered desk. He started to clean. Suddenly has gotten a shock to see under the stack of papers 

'the gift checks which he had forgotten to shut in with the cards.