Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Short Storys for Kids

                                     Crow and Snake

storys for kids of a crow and snake

There was once a huge tree in a forest. Many birds have built their nests in that three. A big snake saw the tree this tree will make a nice home for me. He started living in it. One day the snake saw a nest full of eggs how lucky I am now I don’t have to go out in search of food.

crow and snake storys for kids

He started eating all the eggs when the birds came back they founds their nests empty. Oh no! the snake has eaten our eggs what shall we do now? A pair of crows thought of a plan to get rid of the snake. They flew to a lake where a queen came to bath regularly they picked up a necklace which she had left on the bank of the lake.

crow and snake short storys for kids

They reached the tree and dropped the necklace in front of the snake’s hole. The queen’s servants chased the crows and came to the tree they saw the snake near the necklace. The killed the snake immediately and took away the necklace. The crows and the other birds lived happily ever after as their eggs were safe now.

                                    Union is Strength

storys for kids of unity is strength

Everyday a flock of doves came to a field where a farmer used to dry his grains. After filling their stomach, they flew back home. A dove hunter watched these birds come there everyday. He than planned to hunt the doves. The next day as usual the birds came to their regular place to eat they were happily eating the grains.

fable storys for kids

When suddenly a huge net fell over them, the doves were trapped by the hunter. They were all shout, I have an idea. We all must act together we shall all fly up carrying the net with us. As advise by the dove king they carried the net together and flew away. They went to a mouse who was their friend Please help us!

unity is strength storys for kids

Cut the net with your teeth and set us free. Don’t worry, I will do it. The mouse did as the dove king said and set all the doves free. The doves were grateful to the little mouse for saving them and with a loud flapping of wings they rose in the air and flew away happily.

United we stand
divided we fall


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Hilsa Fish challenge

the hilsa fish challenge storys for kids

It was the season for the Hilsa fish, every where nothing but the Hilsa fish was sold. The house holders could talk of nothing but the Hilsa fish only. And in the palace too the courtiers could discuss nothing but the Hilsa fish.

storys for kids of the hilsa fish challenge

The king got angry and spoke loudly…. Ohh stop it! Are you a courtier or a fisherman? Just at that time Md. Gopal entered into the court with the same topic…no one. Even Md. Gopal cannot stop from talking about Hilsa fish. Md. Gopal asked for a challenge….challenge?

since everyone is talking only about Hilsa fish, bring one to the palace without anyone stopping you. I accept your challenge, your majesty.

the challenge storys for kids

After some days Md. Gopal prepared himself …. Why are you shaved like this and why are you smearing yourself with ash? I’m dressing up to buy a Hilsa fish. Listen to me! You can’t go out in those disgraceful rags! What are you up to? How many times must I tell you. I am out to buy a huge Hilsa fish.

the hilsa fish storys for kids
Md. Gopal brought the Hilsa fish and started walking towards the palace. Everyone was quite surprised to see a crazy looking person with a Hilsa Fish. No one dared to ask him about anything. When Md. Gopal reached the court, he was stopped by the soldiers…..what do you want? I want to see the king?

storys for kids of fish challenge

I have to bought this Hilsa Fish for him. The Md. Gopal suddenly began to dance and sing loudly…. Quickly a messenger comes…. Maharaj! Maharaj!! A crazy man who is half shaven, smeared with ash and wearing torn clothes is dancing outside the place. He wants to see you.

storys for kids of the challenge of king and gopal

Wow! Let us have some fun! Bring that man to me at once. Md. Gopal was brought before the king. He disclosed his identity. Everyone was surprised. Md. Gopal why are you dressed up in this ridiculous fashion? Your majesty, you seem to have forgotten something!

Strangely enough no one seems to be interested in Hilsa fish today! Only then the king remembered the challenge he had thrown to Md. Gopal. Yes Md. Gopal you have won the challenge once again.

A funny "storys for kids" of a challenge between the king and mr. 
Gopal that how cleverly he won the challenge. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Kid's storys

                          The Thief and the Rich man

the thief and rich man storys for kids

Once a thief and a rich man were traveling together. This person seems to be quite wealthy. I will be benefited if I follow him. Whenever the rich man would go to the bathroom……. Or when the train would stop he would go to buy something……. The thief would look all through the room and in his bags, drawers, everywhere.

the rich man and the thief story for kids

Oh! It’s not in this suitcase. Let me check his briefcase. Every time he would in some new place and searched all over. The train journey was just about to end, and the train was slowing down, the thief confessed….

Actually, I am a thief, and I have been trying all this time to get your wealth, but you have outwitted me sir. The rich man went over to the thief’s bed and began pulling out his wealth from underneath the bed. This is where I hid it. I knew that underneath your bed would be the last place that you would look.

storys for kids of a thief and the rich man

Moral: So often we look for pleasure in many different places, travel to different countries looking for this pleasure, but we don’t realize that pleasure is actually right there in the heart.

                             Spitting Upward

a spoiled boy stroys for kids

Once there was a spoilt child who would always make various demands to his parents. Father, I need the moon and the stars down! It is beyond one’s ability to even touch that, what to talk about bringing the down. Father I said I want it! Go get them down! The child became very angry…. You are simply cheating me!

storys for kids of a spoiled boy

Let us take him to the roof of a big skyscraper so that he will understand that the stars and moon are beyond our reach. Finding even then that the moon and the stars were still beyond reach, the boy became furious with the sky. 

Damn sky! Why do you hold the moon and the stars so high? Look I will make you feel the evil consequences! As he was cursing thus the idiot boy started spitting up at the sky in great disgust, but obviously every drop of his spit fell back on his own face.

sptting upward boy storys for kids