Monday, July 24, 2017

Three Tasks

storys for kids of three taks

Once there was a miser, but a rich man. One day two young men come to see him. Sir! I’m Jai and this is my brother Vijay. We are in search of jobs. Is there any vacancy here with you?

Yes! Yes, you’ve come to the right place. If you want jobs here with me, I’ll pay twelve gold coins each of you at the end of the year. But you are supposed to do each and every task, I set you. If you fail to do any task, you’ll get four gold coins less in each of your wages. If it suits you, you can start it right now.

three tasks, storys for kids

Thank you, sir, we shall try our best to complete each and every job given to us. Both the brothers worked hard. Slowly and steadily months passed and one-day Jai said to Vijay,

“Tomorrow is the last day of the year.”

You mean the day has come when we’ll get our wages. Yes, and we’ll have 24 gold coins. And we can go home. Next day in the morning. Sir! We have done every task you set.

storys of three tasks for kids in english

Will you please pay our wages? We’ll leave for our home. you are right but the day is not yet over. There’s long way to go. I’ve three more tasks for you. Complete it and get your wages. What are these tasks, sir?

1) See those two glass jars, one is smaller and the other is the bigger one. Put the bigger one in the smaller one. 

three taks, funndy storys for kids in english

How is this possible? It can’t be done. How a larger pot goes inside a smaller one. That’s not my problem. Now the second task, 

2) The grain in the barn is wet dry the grain without taking It out side the room. Without taking it out. How can it be dried? That’s none of my business. Now the third task,

3) Tell me what is the weight of my head correctly if I’m not satisfied with the answer, your answer will be considered wrong and you’ll lose four gold coins each. 

Brother, we’ve been cheated! He doesn't want to give any coin now. We didn’t expect this to happen. Don’t worry Jai, I’ve got an idea. 

three tasks funny storys for kids

We’ll complete these tasks and will get our wages. Listen to me carefully. Oh’ my God you’ve given a great idea. And soon after that.

1) Sir, the first job is over. Here is the larger jar inside the smaller one. What! You’ve broken to put it inside. But sir we have completed the first task, any how.

2) Soon, there was a noise coming from the room of the house. The miser ran out of the house.

funny storys of "three tasks" in english for kids

Hey! What are you doing on the roof? I’ am taking the roof down. Oh! You bloody, why are you doing this? I’ am letting in the sun to dry the grain. Come down, let my roof be there. Never mind the grain. Ok sir, as you wish. if you say so, you’ll have to consider the second task completed. Ok, it’s completed.

3) Later in the evening. Sir the third task is also over. How? You’ve not told me the correct weight of my head. Sir, look at this pumpkin. Your head weight is exactly as much as this pumpkin.

funny storys for kids in english of "three tasks"

No, it is not correct. I’ve told you, that your answer should satisfy me only then, it will be considered complete task.

But sir, if you’ve any doubt, we’ve brought a hatchet a pair of scales. Will you cut my head off, you scoundrel? There is no other way to prove that our answer is correct.

Stop it, take these 24 gold coins and get lost. Ha….. ha…. ha…. The miser had to admit defeat.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Selfish Giant

Storys for kids of the selfish giant

Once there was a very large and beautiful garden with soft and green grass. There were twelve big trees in it. This garden belonged to a giant who had gone somewhere for seven years.

One day when he returned he saw some children playing in the garden. He spoke to them in a very gruff voice, what are you all doing here? My own garden in my own garden. Children panicked and ran away.

the selfish giant storys for kids

The giant built a high wall all around the garden and put up a notice board saying, “Keep away – trespasser will be  punished.”

He was a very selfish giant, children became sad as they didn’t have any place to play. Soon spring came and all over the country, there were little blossoms and birds.

the selfish giant free storys for kids

Only in the garden for selfish giant, it was still winter. The birds did not sing, the flowers did not blossom. The giant started thinking over.

I don’t understand why spring has not come as yet in my garden? One day when he was lying in his bed he heard cuckoo birds singing he peeped out of his window and saw children had made a big hole in the wall. 

storys for kids of the selfish giant in english

When children saw the giant they all ran out of the hole. The giant came out of the garden only one child was left behind as he couldn’t reach the height of the hole.

The giant picked up the child in his hands and started thinking, how selfish I was? Now I have come to know, why spring didn’t come here? I’ll demolish the wall my garden will be a place for the children to play. He picks up a big hammer and broke the wall.

storys for kids in english of the selfish giant

People saw the giant playing with the children. Now children used to wish him every day. The giant asked the children, where is that little boy? One child answered, “he has gone somewhere.”

Rest of the children used to play in the garden every day. Like this, many years passed by after years, the giant turned old. On a cold winter day, he saw the tree in its full bloom under the stood the same child.

the selfish giant storys for kids bedtime

The giant was very happy to see him. He asked him, “My dear child you have come back, I am very glad today because of you this garden has become a heavenly place.” I’m very thankful to you my child. Saying this he hugged the little child.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Longest Storyteller

storys for kids of the longest storyteller

Long ago there was a king who was very crazy. One day he had an urge to listen to the longest story with king’s order. It was proclaimed all over the kingdom.

Listen… listen…. listen… it’s the order of our king who so ever tells him the longest story will be rewarded with Ramgarh estate.

the longest storyteller storys for kids

And whatever the story teller wishes for and if the story teller fails to tell a long story he will be put behind the bars.

Listen…. Listen…. Listen…. Listening to this proclamation several story teller came from far off places but couldn’t satisfy the king. 

read the longest storyteller storys for kids

The stories were long, but the king thought I have heard the story but why do I give my property, for all these stories.

One by one many story tellers were imprisoned. One story teller’s young son got upset over his father’s imprisonment. He thought of teaching a lesson to the king.

He reached the place to narrate the longest story. He said, 

“your majesty, once a farmer had a big farm he had sown wheat in his fields. Near to his fields, there was a tree on which lived a flock of birds so whenever the farmer would come to sow the seed the bird would take them out and eat them all.

read storys for kids of the longest storyteller

Once he decided to safeguard his fields on his own but the birds who did not take the defeat. They didn’t give up they planned something and the work became easy for them. A bird came picked up a grain and flew away, Phurr….

Again another bird came picked up a grain and flew away purr…..then Again another bird came picked up a grain and flew away, phurr…."

free storys for kids of the longest storyteller

The king asked, what happened next? What had to happen? Again another bird came picked up a grain and flew away purr….. Then what happened after that?

Your Majesty, Again another bird came picked up a grain and flew away purr…..

Alright brother but speak further. 

the longest storyteller free storys for kids

That’s what I am saying your majesty, a bird came picked up a grain and flew away purr….. The king was fed up of hearing the same Phurr…. Phurr…. Phur…. Phur….

Alright, I agree all the birds came picked up a grain and flew away but now speak further.

How is it possible that they picked up all the grains my lord. The birds will come one by one and pick up the grain one by one only then the grain will finish. Once the grains are over only then the story can move further. 

funny storys for kids of the longest storyteller

Again another bird came picked up a grain and flew away purr….. The king realized that the young man is even smarter than him. The story is never going to end in such a way. How do I punish him it’s better I reward and get rid of him.

The king said, "young man you stop your Phurr…. Phur…." Really you have narrated the longest story, I present you the Ramgarh estate.

But my lord, what about my own wish.

Yes, yes that also, tell me, what is your wish? 

the longest storyteller funny storys for kids

My only wish is that you release all the story tellers behind the bars. It is not good to trouble people without any reason if so the God would be unhappy and both king and the kingdom will be destroyed and I don’t want that such trouble should approach our kingdom.

What you say is right, I order release all the storytellers with respect. This young man is very intelligent I proclaimed that I will get the princess married to this Youngman.

And after me, he will inherit my throne. This way he didn’t only release his father but with his intelligence, he changed the attitude of the king.