Thursday, May 25, 2017

Storys for Kids

free online short storys for kids
Storys for kids

Hi, welcome to you all on my website. I was thinking to make a website but the thinking part of my thinking was which topic I should choose for my own website? Suddenly I found that my 3 years old niece love to see images of her books, which her father brings her from the bookstore. Mostly my sister tells a story for her at bedtime, which inspires me a lot to make a website on a topic of "Storys for Kids". As because she loves to watch cartoon too. I was planning to put some cartoons on my website, which will explain the regarding story. It will take some time to do, so now I just only posted some stories to absorb the visitor's behavior that what kind of stories they like to read. There are funny stories, moral stories, kid’s bedtime stories, and some inspiring stories I've in my website.

We don't know that how much important is storys for kids to grow up. After reading that if your question is why it is important and how? Then my answer will be like this.
     1)     First and very common it’s a very good time pass for kids. You can easily finish your works by providing a story with some interesting pictures because they like pictures.

     2)     Our moral stories keep away the kids to do something bad, its help’s to avoid thinking bad too.

     3)      We also thought about kid’s entertainment, here we've different kind of funny and attractive stories to read.

     4)     Our stories create an impression on mind of reader to be a character like our story Hero's, so it's a clear indicate that you don't have to worry about to set your kid's goal

     5)     it's most important for you and your kids to make sure that you all are sleeping well at your concern time. For this, our bedtime stories are always present for you.

As above I mentioned five useful benefits of my five type of story category. Now I am going to extract that how it helps us?

Stories with pictures is a good source of kid’s entertainment. Kid's absorb pictures environment they keep their eyes on pictures and smile after finding something match with himself.

Stories with pictures is a good source of kid’s entertainment. Kid's absorb pictures environment they keep their eyes on pictures and smile after finding something match with himself. We have some stories that regard to dreamland for your child better sleep there is some story of princes, kings, jungle after reading that kind of story kid's start to imagine these story and asleep. Good night....

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Greatness of Hatem Tai

read short story greatness of hatem tai in english for students. kids storys

Long long ago, there lived a very kind man named Hatem Tai in Yemen. People loved him very much. One day the king gave a dinner.

The guests praised both the king and Hatem Tai. This made the king very angry. He ordered his huntsman to kill Hatem Tai and bring his head. The man left the place for carrying out the king’s order.

The night was about to fail. Then he met a young man on the way. The young man took him to his house. He took all possible care of him and entertained him to the best of his ability. The man was very much pleased at his hospitality. 

Next morning, he asked the man about his mission. He told him all about the king’s plan and requested him to keep the matter secret too. 

They young man laughed and said, “you have made a mistake brother. You should have told me last night. I’m Hatem Tai. You can carry out your king’s order without delay” the man was surprise and said,” you are Hatem Tai! No, I can’t kill you.

You’re so noble.” The man left for the king’s place and told the king all about Hatem Tai. The king was pleased and invited him to a dinner. He praised Hatem Tai before his guests and showed him great honor.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kraptin's last wish

There was a man lived in a village. His name was Kraptin, but people called him "Crap" for his bad manners. Kraptin was also famous for his bad ideas. he always took plan how to make people fool. People of in this village are well known of him, so peoples always make a distance of him for daily life.

After few years Kraptin becomes sick and he was getting weak day by day. One day Kraptin realised that he is not going to live a long. He called villagers to his house and said 

"I'm going to die and I've not enough time to do good work for villagers because I've fooled so many times to you all, even I didn't help anyone by a good idea. I've used my brain and time to making fun of yours. So I want to get punished for it by hanging up my body in the middle of the market after my death. It will teach you all a lesson and villagers will remember me after my death".

Next day the Kraptin was death. The Villagers come together and full fill to Kraptin last wish by hanging his dead body in the middle of the market. Within some hours thousands of people come from other villages to see Kraptin dead body.

In the meantime, police come here to see why are thousands become together. Then the police found Kraptin's dead body in hanging position. The police asked that "who did this" the villagers replied, "we did this".

Then the police arrested and sent them to the jail because it's a crime. The villagers realised that why Kraptin said that " villagers will never forget my lessons". Now villagers said, “he made us fool when he was alive, even he made us fool when he in no more.”

Moral of the story, be careful “bad always bad”

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Are you search on google free online stories?

free online short stories in English for students


I’m Limon and I live in Bangladesh. In this post, I’m going to tell you, what kind of problems you could face? If you are thinking to do your office work at home. It is too important that to let you know about me a bit because that will help you to match your problems with me.

Yes, I’m married and I have two children, Navin is 12 and Folk is 10 years old. Because of I’m a freelancer, maximum of time I have to work on the computer at home, so my kids are always front of my eyes.

Other side, most of the day I have to deal with uncountable problem. You must be thinking what kind of problems they are.

1.     My two son Navin and Folk they love each other but more they fight together so it is too difficult for my wife to stop them fighting, unexpectedly I have to stop them myself.

2.     Whether Batman is powerful or Superman. Most of the time they come to me these kinds of debate and I have no answer for it. Technically I have to answer it and make both of them happy

3.     They play some noise games in the house, what is too disturbing for me that are like cricket, basketball, football, etc.

4.     most of the time I have to do work at night too so I have to make sure that, they have slept on and now I can work smoothly

5.     It is too difficult to keep my child on study's table. They don't like to read anything. They just search entertainment on everything

These problems I have mentioned in above we have to face it every day. But now I’m going to tell you how to get relief from it.

There is only one best solution I have found of this problem on google, just type free online stories and millions of solutions appears just in few seconds. Must be you are thinking right now that how will it can solve my problems?

Just click on that website as you think best. Start reading with a funny story because that will attract your kids to read stories. Once your children's start loves to read stories, within few days you will found some big changes in your kids.

Your kids are not fighting with each other anymore, they are not coming to you with any silly question. They are not doing noise stuff now. Specially at bedtime, stories fulfill some important character. Really stories work like sleeping pills.

Now I’m going to tell you the main FAQ of reading short stories in English for students, for non-English speaking countries. as we know that how important is English for every step, according to this thinking I decided to put some English stuff on my kids’ daily routine.

Because English subject is known as a difficult subject. We all knows that learning English is just about practice. it's worked for me so I hope that it's work for you too. keep reading stories with your kids, make your kids feature bright.