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Ambitious Friend


"Ambitious Friends" storys for kids

First part is here Ambitious friends

Now only two of them were left who continued towa-rds the mountains till a third marble fell. They started digging they found gold. Got Gold! Yes! Our mission is complete finally, we got gold oh! God, quickly put all the gold in the bundle and let us depart. Ah! We don’t have to go further now.

What! You silly man can’t you see that we have been adding to the value every time we have moved furt-her and you’re thinking about going back. We still have one marble left you never know this time we might spot diamonds.

storys of "Ambitious Friends" for kids

My dear brother, we were searching for gold now when we have got it, what’s the point of heading further? Come, let’s go back. No, I shall not go back. Well, I shall take rest you can go ahead if you want to I shall wait for you here.

Ok, I will then make a move. The fourth friend went ahead he was tired and alone. But thinking about the wealth he kept on going further. I am walking on an endless road I might have lost the way also and this marble is also not dropping.

Then he heard a moan from nearby. He saw an injured and bleeding man with a big wheel. What are you doing with this big wheel on your head?

Suddenly the fourth friend saw that big wheel flew towards his own head. Oh….! Oh….! What is this? What have you done? And why? Take it away from me.

I can’t do anything this is the wheel of the god of wealth to save guard his wealth, he is spinning this wheel. I also came here in greed for money now till this wheel is spinning on your head. You will be restless but never suffer from thirst hunger or old age ailments.

Oh! Oh god! oh! I am doomed, oh! When shall I be free of this circle?

I don't know but you will have to wait till another person with a greed for diamonds arrives here. What are you saying? Oh! I am dying of this pain I have a splitting pain in my head. But you shall have to bear it for a very long time. Oh.... oh! And for how long had you been bearing this pain?

I can’t remember that far but when my magical marble first dropped here in greed for diamonds I left copper, silver and gold treasures. I came here I saw a man with the same wheel here and you know the rest. Now you have relieved me, I thank you very much.

The third friend got tired of waiting for him. Oh! God, where is my friend? Would he be trapped in a dangerous situation? He was pressing to go forward. So, he went ahead in search of the fourth friend.

So, you are here what are you doing? Remove this wheel, and let’s go home we shall share the gold. Don’t worry. No, dear, I won’t be able to come with you. This is a wheel of fortune or rather a misfor-tune. And the fourth friend narrated the whole story to him and the third friend said,

"Ambitious Friends" english funny storys for kids

“This is not a wheel of fortune but a wheel of greed. When you acquired gold also you were not satisfied you were insisting to go ahead in search of diamonds. Now you have to face the consequences.”

He uttered oh! God, I am unable to help my friend even though I wish to help him.

Moral: Don’t be over ambitious.

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Ambitious Friends

free kids stories of "Ambitious Friends"

Once upon a time, four friends from a village went to a cottage of a great man called Brahmadanda. Brahmadanda had a lot of spiritual powers. He was going towards his cottages when he saw these men and he asked, May I know who are you? And why have you come here? We need your blessings, sir. Oh! Only blessings or something else also.

Sir, we know that you have lots of powers, so please help us. We have left our homes and families, denounced all of the possessions, we are in search of pure gold either we get gold or we lose our lives. We just can’t leave it to luck please show us a way we shall be extremely grateful to you. 

It seems you are very obstinate I think, I shall have to do something for you. Ok, I shall assist you.

free "Ambitious Friends" kids stories

Thank you, sir. When he came out of his cottage he had four marbles in his hand. I shall distribute one marble each amongst you, and then, you will have to go to the mountains right away, and mind it where ever a marble drops, you start digging there you will find a hidden treasure on that spot and you can take that and go back home happily.

Thank you, sir. Then four of them started their journey to the mountains each one with a spade in hand.

A marble slipped out of one of the friend’s hand, and he said look, look this marble has slipped out of my hand, so don’t delay, let’s dig here. Let’s be fast, dig up the treasure.

Digging was in full swing and soon there was a big hole. Look there are large deposits of copper metal it is a huge treasure. Why don’t we distribute among ourselves and go back home?

What will we do with this copper? The copper will not make us enough rich. Exactly, we should march further then think about it. Yes, after all, we didn’t leave our homes to collect copper.

We have come here for gold …. pure gold. As you wish, I will not go further this copper is at enough for myself. I would like to go home. I can get a lot of money from it for my whole life. He picked up a bundle of copper and returned home.

The other three continue towards the mountains. Hardly had they gone a few kilometers, another marble fell from another friend’s hand. There they dig out they found big chunks of silver rocks.

Now we shouldn’t be greedy, silver is precious metal too. Let’s distribute and go back home. it has been long since we left home.

What? You mean, we don’t see what is in store for us ahead maybe it’s gold. Don’t talk like a fool, we take this with us and move further.

No, I can’t go further, I am tired. And I am satisfied with silver you may go but I will not accompany you. Oh! Well, as you please but we shall not go back without gold. Now only two of them were left who continued towards the mountains.   continue.... 

Second part is here Ambitious Friend  Part-2

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Heavenly Elephant

Heavenly elephant free kids stories

Once in a village, a farmer was working hard in his field. Suddenly he saw an elephant climbing down from the sky. He was astonished to see it. And he was thinking that

"The elephant can fly I have not seen before! It must be a heavenly elephant it should be an elephant of God.”

After an hour, it is going to leave, why shouldn’t I go to heaven with it.

Storys for Kids of a Heavenly Elephant

He caught the elephant by its tail. Elephant started climbing up in the sky so did the farmer with it. At Heaven, what a beautiful place! There should be plenty of good things for me to take.

The farmer took valuable things and put them into his pocket. How do I get back to earth? Oh! Here comes the elephant! He caught its tail again, elephant started climbing down and reached the same field.

Next day when the farmer told everyone in the village and showed them the valuable things he had brought. It is really astonishing. Isn’t it? Yes, indeed it is. And it is such a joy to work there! You get one measure of food for every hour of work and their measure is large! How big is the measure?

This big. After hearing him all the farmers wanted to go to the Heaven with him. Where the farmer had seen the elephant yesterday, he took them their next day. Quiet now! Be silent. Noise may disturb the elephant or he may not land and come back here again.

Ok, how much did you say they pay for an hour’s work up there in the Heaven? One measure of food. How big is the measure? This big! Now be silent, it is appearing. The elephant landed and when it was about to leave.

They all took him by its tail one by one catching each other. And soon all the villagers were flying upward in the sky. We’ll stay there as long as we can and we’ll return with heavy loads of food and other valuables! Yes, we will. 

How much did you say they pay for an hour’s work? A measure of food. How big is the measure?

This big. Oh, what’s this? They all fell. The next moment all of them fell into a river. The elephant was so frightened by the noise that he never came back to those fields again.

Heavenly Elephant English short stories

Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Foolish Barber (part-2)

Moral storys for kids in English of a foolish barber
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After receiving the gold coins the barber was going home and planning something. So that’s the secret, these monks turn into gold coins.

So that’s how Virender must have acquired his wealth earlier also. The following day Lal Chand took out the stick and went to the monk’s temple.

English story of a foolish barber

He found five monks outside the temple. Oh! Great men, I request you to come to my house so that I could donate something to you. Actually, it’s an epic book and I don’t understand anything. It might be of a use to you great monks.

Why not? Where is your house?

It’s close by, please accompany me we shall reach in no time. As the monks reached his house Lal Chand closed the door.

Where is that book?
Funny story of a foolish barber

Oh! Ya, I shall show you that also but before that let me accomplish my job at least. He started hitting them on the heads.

Save…. Save…. Oh! Save…. Save…. He is killing us. He is mad someone help!

The king’s guards heard their screams and came rushing. What happened, why are you so tensed? Oh! Someone has gone mad here he wants to kill us. We have some more monks inside who are in danger, please save all of us from him. 
A foolish barber funny story

The guards went inside and heard some more sounds. Oh! Save he is killing us. He is mad, someone please help. Oh! It’s strange, no monk is turning into gold coins all my hard work has gone waste.

The guards caught hold of Lal Chand, the barber. He resented going with them and pleaded not guilty. Where are you taking me? Hey, what is this? That is what, we want to know we shall take to that Kazi.

A foolish barber funny storys in English

Bloody fool! You want to become a Don in my town, stupid. Don’t you know what kind of a Kazi is me? I am the strongest Kazi of the town. How could you dear to do a crime in my town? Why were you killing the innocent monks?
What wrong have they done to you, stupid?

But sir, I also wanted to be rich, what else I could do? He narrated the whole story to the judge.

Oh no! very strange! How could it be? Anyway. Call that business man to the court. Soon, Virender was brought to the court.

You are Virender, the businessman. The person is Lal Chand barber, do you know him? Oh! Yes, yes sir.

Lal Chand barber says that he has seen you hitting a monk, is that right? No! no sir, I have not killed any monk. It seems Lal Chand has misinterpreted this incident. As anyone else could have done so but it was not like that.Virender narrated the whole story to the judge.

Funny story of a foolish barber in English

 The babrber said, "Oh! That’s why no monk turned into gold coins when I hit them on their head? How foolish am I that I acted without thinking?" 

Hey! You shut up not only that you are foolish but you are also a criminal you are a greedy dog. I will not leave you like this. You will get severe punishment for your crime. He ordered his guards to put Lal Chand behind the bars.

Moral: Don’t be a copy cat.

Friday, July 28, 2017

A Foolish Barber


storys for kids of a foolish barber

A long time ago, there lived a businessman named Virender Nath along with his wife Kalyani. He was very rich and kind too. There was always a long queue of visitors at his home. He was a good host. Once he incurred heavy losses in business. People stopped coming to his place even friends turned their back on him.

None of my friends visit my place now but they are not at fault either even if they come here, I will not be able to offer them anything. In the past, when I had money I was generous and respectful towards all my guests. I offered them the best of hospitality but seems all that has gone waste now.

After all, without money what can a poor man do? Now I am jobless, I have no money. I’ll think about it tomorrow morning. Virendra Nath felt asleep thinking all this and he dreamt about a monk talking to him.

a foolish barber storys for kids

“You need not lose heart like this. Good people like you must live. Listen carefully, when you wake up in the morning, you will find me at your doorstep in the same body. You got to hit me with a stick on my head. I shall get converted into pure gold coins, thus you will acquire enough wealth. Which will be sufficient for your life time.”

When he woke up the following morning, he was wondering at his strange dream and thought. Oh Well! Dreams are dreams anyway they can never turn into reality. I shouldn’t tell this to my wife, otherwise, she will make fun of me. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. There is someone at the door, Kalyani please open it.

It must be the barber, who else can come so early in the morning? It was indeed the barber. Hardly had he started shaving Virender's beard there was another knock. Wait…. Wait…. Wait…. There is someone else at the door I shall open it myself.

story of a foolish barber for kids

As he opened the door, it was the same dream monk and he muttered to himself Oh! Impossible, this is the same monk, I dreamt of last night. Oh! Impossible, it was the same dream monk and he uttered, Welcome sir, welcome.

a foolish barber stories

He picked up a baton and hit the monk on his head. The monk turned into gold coins. Everyone was flabbergasted, Hey! Kalyani come here!

I can’t believe my eyes we have become rich once again. Thank God, our bad days are over now Virender Nath decided to bribe the barber so he doesn’t disclose the matter to anyone.

a foolish barber story in English

Come, come here, hey Lal Chand come, come here you can also have a few of these coins and become rich like me. You know I want to help you but remember don’t tell about what you saw here to anyone, is that fine! 

Oh! Thank you very much, sir you don’t worry you can trust me very well.

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