Sunday, March 26, 2017

If I Win A Lottery

Many a happy hour I have spent planning what I will do if I win a lottery. At last the very truth Dawned on me that everybody is for himself to which I am not also an exception. With this idea in my mind, I have already started purchasing lottery tickets regularly. I have always been optimistic and am waiting for the day when dame fortune will actually smile on me. Since I am an educated youth, I hold modern view on life.
I have decided to spend the money for my own self. For my family and for humanitarian work.
Well, here is my budget for a prize bag of $. 1,500,00. Let me be frank, I am not selfish, but i would like to spend a good amount for my personal pleasure only. I have my uncle in London and it is my secret desire to visit him. I would also like to visit European cities like Paris, Hamburg, Bonn, Zurich and other places I have read much about. I have a pen-friend in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. I also desire to give him a surprise call while over there, i have no idea how much it would cost me, still I hope it will be around $4.000 inclusive. I will hand over tk. 3000 to my father to add two more much needed rooms to our existing house. We are an average middle-class family and my father works hard to keep us going: so I must help him as much as I can. pia is my only sister, and she is very dear to me. She is already twenty and I hope in a year or two she will get married. I have, decided to buy cash certificates to
The tune of $1500 in her name. I can well imagine how happy she would be when she gets the gift from me to start a new life! Helping my mother a little in her tight budget is another secret wish of mine.  I have planned another $1500 to help her tide over her difficulties. I know that man lives in deeds not in years. I do not like that my memory should sink into oblivion after my passing away from the surface of the earth. I want to occupy a place in the innermost recess of human heart by my humanitarian work which we see done by the men great of heart. I want to be remembered by my humanitarian work for the people of my area.
Now I shall be left with a big amount which I propose to put in a bank to cover all my
Educational and personal expenses. With all these exciting ideas already chalked out, at least mentally, I am anxiously waiting for the memorable day when I am really going to win a lottery.

Sheikh Saadi and His Dress

read Sheikh Saadi and His Dress story in english for students, kids, everyone.

Sheikh Saadi was a great scholar of the Persian. Once the king invited him to his place. The place of the king was too far. On the way, the night came. He took shelter in a rich man’s house.

The dress of Saadi was not well. For this reason, the rich man did not give him rich food. However, in the next day Saadi left the rich man’s house and went to the place of king. 

The king showed him much honour. He gave him some beautiful dress sheikh Saadi took the dress and wore one of them.

However, he began his return journey from the place of the king. Again, the night came. Saadi took shelter in the same house.

 Now seeing the nice dress, the rich man gave him rich food and showed much respect. Now sheikh Saadi did not eat them. Rather he began to take them in the pocket of the dress. The people of the house were astonished. The asked him about it.

Sheikh Saadi told them that he took shelter in this house while he was going to the placer of the king but at that time he was not well dressed. So, he was not fit for this food. The dress which he wore deserved this food. For this he was doing so.

The owner as well as the people of the house got ashamed for their deeds. They requested him to forgive them for the first time.

Moral of the story is, "DRESS DOESN'T MAKE A MAN GREAT"

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Failure is the Pillar of Success

It was long since Robert Bruce was the king of Scotland. His country was invaded by his enemies. He was a good ruler and a brave warrior. He loved freedom. Robert Bruce wanted to gain freedom of his country and fought against the English.

He met the English soldiers in six battles one by one. But he was defeated each time. At last, Robert Bruce lost his heart and gave up the hope of success.

He was moving in hills and forests. At last, he took shelter in a cave. One day the king was lying in the cave. He thought and thought over his misfortune.

At that moment, he found a spider. It was trying hard again and again. But it did not give up its attempts. It tried again and again and on the seventh time it became successful. The sight of spider encouraged the king.

He thought the spider was not disheartened. In spite of repeated failure. At last it came out successful. It raised a new hope in the king. He came out of the cave and began to gather forces. In his last effort, he came out successful. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Greatness of Hatem Tai

read short stories in english for students

Greatness of Hatem Tai

Long long ago, there lived a very kind man named Hatem Tai in Yemen. People loved him very much. One day the king gave a dinner.

The guests praised both the king and Hatem Tai. This made the king very angry. He ordered his huntsman to kill Hatem Tai and bring his head. The man left the place for carrying out the king’s order.

The night was about to fail. Then he met a young man on the way. The young man took him to his house. He took all possible care of him and entertained him to the best of his ability. The man was very much pleased at his hospitality. 

Next morning, he asked the man about his mission. He told him all about the king’s plan and requested him to keep the matter secret too. 

They young man laughed and said, “you have made a mistake brother. You should have told me last night. I’m Hatem Tai. You can carry out your king’s order without delay” the man was surprise and said,” you are Hatem Tai! No, I can’t kill you.

You’re so noble.” The man left for the king’s place and told the king all about Hatem Tai. The king was pleased and invited him to a dinner. He praised Hatem Tai before his guests and showed him great honor.