Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Foe In The Guys Of A Friend

short funny bedtime stories for kids of "a foe in the guys of a friend

Once upon a time, there was a king. The soldier was killed one by one on his palace every day. The King was worried about his kingdom and wanted to catch the wicked man.  The commander would come every day and give the soldier murder news.

My lord, again today someone has killed our one of the best soldier. The king ordered to call his son Prince Nizamuddin. Then the Prince came back to the palace after completing his education and heard all the story from his father (The King).

The prince promises to the king that he will sort out the killer without losing any life. The prince started collecting information about the killer and found everyone was the victim who was safeguarding alone. So, the prince ordered from now not to safeguard alone at least five soldiers be together while safeguarding.

Many days passed by and not a single soldier was killed, the soldiers and everyone were happy. One day prince called the commander and said, it seems the killer has run away somewhere else so, get rid of the special duties.

The king said, "the killer might come back again and may continue the same sort, it’s dangerous to do that. It seems a temporary success don’t feel proud"

The prince replied, now the killer can’t repeat the same sort father. If you don’t feel like me then ask one soldier to guard near the big tree.

According to the Prince's desire arrangements were made to place a soldier under the big tree. Then the commander himself went to check the arrange-ments and found a soldier guarding under the big tree. The commander asked, “Hey soldier, how you are feeling, I hope you are not nervous? The soldier replayed at one word, ‘not at all.’ “Excellent”

After answering as soon as the soldier turned back, the commander pounced and attacked the soldier. The commander stabbed in soldier’s stomach. Oh! But look what was this?

The commander lost his sword from his hand while stabbing because the soldier was wearing a shield. Then the soldier placed his sword on the comman-der’s neck before he could understand anything.

The soldier was smiling and said, “it seems like you have not recognized me? Yes, it’s me your prince.” The commander’s face turned faded.

The Prince: I had doubts that you are the real culprit.

The Commander: yes, I’m the killer and please forgive me, Prince.

The Prince: Arrest the commander and lock up in the prison.

Moral: you should not trust anybody without proper information.

Note: It's a "moral and short kids bedtime story" and a story to recognize the true friend in life. Because a life never can be run, without friends. So, it is too important that make sure that your friend is only for your's, not for himself need