Monday, August 28, 2017

Kriptin's Mustaches

"Kriptin's Mustaches's" short funny bedtime stories for kids

Once in a village, A man named Bee reached, who was appointed as a postmaster in the village post office. When he reached the post office there was a loud sound of hens and roosters. Oh! My goodness! Have I come to a wrong place? Where is my junior staff? He went to the back side of the post office where the office clerks were working out in the sun.

He asked his postman, “I’m your postmaster. I have come to join my duty but what on earth in this?”
Clerks Replied, "Sir, the post office is being used as a poultry farm by the powerful man of the village."

The postmaster :This is ridiculous! I must do something to stop this.

The Clerk: Sir, I’ve been here for many years. Let it go on like this. But why? Sir, this poultry farm belongs to a village wrestler Krptine. He is really cruel and unjust man. Beware of him. I tell you one thing.Last time the previous postmaster tried to clear this place. He was beaten bitterly that the poor fellow left the village the very next day.Take my advice, stay out of his way. you could get hurt.
                       Is It?

That evening when Bee was going through the village market. He heard, “Look out! Kriptine, is coming. O’ my God! get aside.” Children ran away, adult fell silent in fear. Mr. Bee realised, "So he is Kriptine! I’m going to do something about him." Bee turned in to an old man. Respected sir, Kriptine looks very strong. Is there any weakness of him? Yes, he has two weaknesses. One is money and the other I his mustaches. When it comes to his musta-ches, he becomes a child with a precious toy.

O’ I see! I’ll also grow mustaches like him. News spread like a fire in the forest. And here comes Kriptine to him. So you want to grow the mustache like mine…. Ha… ha… ha…  Bee requested to come in and sit comfortably and let him know the secret of his fine mustaches. 

Kriptine: Oh! Why not? I’ve got an admire today.

Bee: O’ my God! will it take so long?

Kriptine: Yes, Bee. I’m going to give up my plan. Why are you disappointed? You may come and look at mine.

Bee: may I purchase your mustaches?

Kriptine: What how dare you say that? Do you think I’m going to cut off my mustaches for you?

Bee: Calm down sir, calm down. I didn't mean it. You need not cut off them. It’ll only belong to me. I’ll pay you $500 per month for these.

Kriptine: What! You will pay me $500 per month. Humm… Ok, give me $500.

Bee drew out a paper. He had come prepared for this. Sigh this agreement.Kriptine asked, What’s this? Simply it says that from this day Kriptine’s mustaches belong to post master, "Bee, to handle them as he wishes." Ok, I’m going to have $500 per month. fine, I sing it. Here is your money. Thank you.

Next day early morning there was a long knock at Kriptin’s door. Good morning Kriptine. What’s now? I’ve come to oil and comb my mustaches. But it’s too early. I only wake up at 9. But you know by then I’m in the post office. That’s why I have come earlier. Bee started oiling mustaches. Oh! Go easy, you are pulling them so hard. For god’s sake take it easy. Bee began oiling and combing four times a day, early in the morning, before lunch, in the ev-ening and late at night.

A time came the very moment he saw Bee, the strong wrestler Kriptine actually began to shiver. Oh my God! it’s Bee again! Today is Rakhi festival. Every year I win the wrestling championship held in the village. I won’t allow him much time today. Mr. Bee, today is Rakhi festival, come sit near me, so that I should start my usual work. Doesn’t look like extra fine today. Today is a special day. So I’ll give your mustaches a special finishing touch. Ribbons in your hand. No, please don’t do it to me. But Kriptine it must be done.  If you don’t agree I shall have to take the matter to court. It’s bet-ter, you let me do my job. All right, do as you wish.

short funny bedtime story for kids "Kripine's Mustaches" in english

After oiling his mustaches when Kriptine reached the championship spot, everyone there was laughing at him. Haaa ha… ha… Kriptine became angrey and said, stop it I say. Ha…. ha… No body is afraid of you now. Kriptine Replied, I’ll see you all. Ha…. ha… ha… Wrestling started But the ribbons had broken his will. Suddenly he fell down to the ground and lost the battle. Kriptine lost the match! Ha… ha… ha… shame on you Kriptine ha… ha… ha… 

Late at night on that day, Bee came to Kriptine. I’ve come to remove the ribbons today I ‘ve brought a special oil to rub your mustaches with petrol and grease.

Kriptine: Oh no, please don’t do It.

Bee: You don’t know the benefit of petrol. It’ll work like vitamins for mustaches. Now, still. Bee massaged hard to the mustaches. And now I’m going to set fire to my moustaches because I don’t need it anymore.Hearing that Kriptine got scared and shouted for, Help… help…. Help… Kriptine started running for his life. Soon there was a huge crowd.

Please don’t do it to me, you want to burn my mous-taches. I beg your pardon. Please spare me. You may take your money back. Bee said, These are my mous-taches, I feel like burn them. Mr. Bee, I’ll do anything you want me to do. I’ll be your slave for life. But please don’t humiliate me any more. All right, if you say so, I’ll forgive you Kriptine did you say you will do what I say? Yes ,sir, I’ll do, what you say?

Well, get your hens out of post office and make it neat and clean. I’ll do it sir. Do it right now. Kriptine took out all of his hens and cleaned the space. Now please, will you allow me to buy my moustaches back? Please take your $500. I won’t trouble you anymore. Ok, I will sell my moustaches and get my money back. Thank you Mr. Bee. Ha…. ha…. ha…. 

This is a "Kids bedtime story" about Kriptin's mustaches about an strange agreements.