Sunday, December 17, 2017

Funny Bedtime Stories of Bee


Lift of Bee

funny bedtime stories for kids of 'lift of Bee'

Mr. Kriptine was one of the drivers of Oxford. One Day he was on the way to Oxford. He saw a boy holding a signboard in writing of "Cambridge". Mr. Kriptine thought it would be foolish to take a hitch-hacker in the car because one of his collea-gue being fooled by a hatch-hacker. So he decided to not stop the car. But as the boy was in the wrong direction I must stop the car to let him know "Cambridge is Backward".

Mr. Kriptine stop the car and said 'Hi, whats your name boy?' The boy was Bee so he replied, 'Hello sir, my name is Bee.' Mr. kriptine replied, 'I would love to help you my boy but you are on the wrong way and now I'm on the way to Oxford, so I can't. No sir, you can because my destination is Oxford, not Cambridge. Mr. Kriptine astounded for a while then asked, 'so why you were holding a wrong destination-board?'

I knew it if I were holding a right destination-board no one will stop, so I was holding a wrong destination-board that someone will come to suggest me. Thanks for the lift, Sir.


Bee’s Haircut
funny bedtime stories for kids of 'Bee's Haircut'

Mr. Bee was a clerk of a Big Office in the city he lived in. Normally Mr. Bee goes to have his haircut at office hours. That was beyond the rules and clerks should have their haircut at own time. The manger heard this news and wanted to catch him in the spot.

Once the manager saw Bee was entering in the barber's shop at office hours. The manager thought, what would be better than that to catch him at the spot. After some time, the manager entered into the same barber shop and found, Bee was sat on the seat and having his haircut. The manager asked, 'Mr. Bee, don't you know that, a clerk shouldn't work for his own at office hours?'

'I know but it's my office work too' replied Mr. Bee politely. The manager astounded for a while then asked in one word, 'How?' Mr. replied, 'Because it grows in Office hour.' The manager admitted and asked again, 'you work here just for eight hours and big amount of your hair grows at your own time, then why you are cutting office hour by cutting your hair?'

Bee replied, 'Sir, that’s the reason I'm not cutting all of my hair.'

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