Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Clever Monk

Funny bedtime stories for kids of 'a clever monk'

Once upon a time, there was an unhappy family. Their neighbors were being unhappy too just bec-ause of their quarrels sound. Even everyone tries to avoid going through at front of their house. Mrs. Selma’s elder son has married recently and the quarrel had begun after that. Her name was Sweetie who just got married to Mrs. Salam's sons. Sweetie’s marital life was in danger and she desperately wanted to get rid of it.

Once Sweetie got news there is a monk beside the mountain can help her. Very next day Mrs. Sweetie went to the monk and Said, 'Oh dear monk please help me, my mother in law doesn't like me, what-ever I tried for best she finds out a fault in it, she always try to create conflict with my husband that's why my husband doesn't like me as before.' She was just continuously saying his problem. Then the monk replied, 'stop, I have understood your problems.' The monk gives her some mixer as like salt and said, 'you have to eat a pinch of it in the morning after wake up, after eating this you can talk for just ten times in a day, otherwise it will stop working.'

Mrs. Sweetie came back happily because her prob-lems going to end now. But she was unaware of the difficulty of this task. Very next day as the monk said, Mrs. Sweaty after taking the medicine went to make some breakfast for all. Her mother in law and husband woke up and came for breakfast. In every dish were over salted. (Because she had eaten much more salt so she hasn't felt the salt and over salted.) Her mother in law felt first then his husband and they shouted together on Mrs. Sweetie. As the monk said, so she hasn't argued. Like this day every day she was doing similar mistakes and keeps a quiet when they rap out on her.

After some days her husband and mother in law ins-tead of shouting started loving her so much. So Mrs. Sweetie went to thanks the monk again and sad that his mother in law and husband love her so much now and asked what was the problem.

The monk replied, 'the problem was your argument and the solution was some salt and regulation to stop your tongue...'