Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Journey of Hunchbacked Woman

funny bedtime story for kids of 'journey of Hunchbacked woman'

Once upon a time, there lived an old woman in a village. She had three dogs named Ranga, Bhanga, Bhutto. One day the old woman decides to go nearby village to meet with her granddaughter. So she commanded her dogs to take care of the house and she will back within two or three days. Then she started walking.

On the way, she stopped by a fox, 'you old woman, I'm soo hungry and I'm gonna eat you now' said the fox. The old woman replied, 'look at me I'm soo weak and thin and not perfect for your meal. Let me go to my granddaughter's house I will eat delicious food there and in return, you will get a healthy meal when I back. The fox think for a while and said, 'ok but I will be waiting here for you' 

The old woman thanked the fox and started walking on her way she found a tiger stop her way saying that, 'I was just waiting for you because I'm so hungry and you can be my today's meal'. The old woman got scared of seeing the tiger on the way and requested to, let her go to become healthy. The tiger thought, 'yeah she is right! even now she is not enough to feed me and I must let her go. The old women thanked and once again start walking in the jungle.

She was just a little bit short to reach her granddaughter's house she fell in another trouble. A bear was jammed her way to move farther and said, 'Ohh old lady would you like to move farther? Because this way ends in my stomach and once you reach me you can't go backward.’ The old woman said, ' I thought maybe you're clever than the fox but you don't' The bear got angry and forced to tell the reason to tell him a fool. The old woman said, 'In this way, at first, a fox wanted to eat me but she thought I'm just enough for her, not for her family, so she offered me to go to become a healthy meal.

If a small tiny fox can think that, why don't you think like her? Because you are bigger than her'. The bear realized she is right and it will be foolish to eat her now so the bear also happily agreed to let her go to became healthy and said, I'll make the fox fool by eating you because I will be the first whom you gonna meet this way. ha.. ha.... ha.... The old lady appreciated the bear and finally, she has reached her destination.

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