Friday, July 28, 2017

A Foolish Barber


short funny bedtime story for kids of a foolish barber for student

A long time ago, there lived a businessman named Virender Nath along with his wife Kalyani. He was very rich and kind too. There was always a long queue of visitors at his home. He was a good host. Once he incurred heavy losses in business. People stopped coming to his place even friends turned their back on him.

None of my friends visit my place now but they are not at fault either even if they come here, I will not be able to offer them anything. In the past, when I had money I was generous and respectful towards all my guests. I offered them the best of hospitality but seems all that has gone waste now.

After all, without money what can a poor man do? Now I am jobless, I have no money. I’ll think about it tomorrow morning. Virendra Nath felt asleep thinking all this and he dreamt about a monk talking to him.

“You need not lose heart like this. Good people like you must live. Listen carefully, when you wake up in the morning, you will find me at your doorstep in the same body. You got to hit me with a stick on my head. I shall get converted into pure gold coins, thus you will acquire enough wealth. Which will be sufficient for your life time.”

When he woke up the following morning, he was wondering at his strange dream and thought. Oh Well! Dreams are dreams anyway they can never turn into reality. I shouldn’t tell this to my wife, otherwise, she will make fun of me. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. There is someone at the door, Kalyani please open it.

It must be the barber, who else can come so early in the morning? It was indeed the barber. Hardly had he started shaving Virender's beard there was another knock. Wait…. Wait…. Wait…. There is someone else at the door I shall open it myself.

As he opened the door, it was the same dream monk and he muttered to himself Oh! Impossible, this is the same monk, I dreamt of last night. Oh! Impossible, it was the same dream monk and he uttered, Welcome sir, welcome.

He picked up a baton and hit the monk on his head. The monk turned into gold coins. Everyone was flabbergasted, Hey! Kalyani come here!

I can’t believe my eyes we have become rich once again. Thank God, our bad days are over now Virender Nath decided to bribe the barber so he doesn’t disclose the matter to anyone.

a foolish barber funny bedtime stories in english

Come, come here, hey Lal Chand come, come here you can also have a few of these coins and become rich like me. You know I want to help you but remember don’t tell about what you saw here to anyone, is that fine! 

Oh! Thank you very much, sir you don’t worry you can trust me very well.

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