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Ambitious Friend (last part)


"Ambitious Friends" short funny bedtime stories for kids

First part is here Ambitious friends

Now only two of them were left who continued towa-rds the mountains till a third marble fell. They started digging they found gold. Got Gold! Yes! Our mission is complete finally, we got gold oh! God, quickly put all the gold in the bundle and let us depart. Ah! We don’t have to go further now.

What! You silly man can’t you see that we have been adding to the value every time we have moved furt-her and you’re thinking about going back. We still have one marble left you never know this time we might spot diamonds.

storys of "Ambitious Friends" funny bedtime stories for kids

My dear brother, we were searching for gold now when we have got it, what’s the point of heading further? Come, let’s go back. No, I shall not go back. Well, I shall take rest you can go ahead if you want to I shall wait for you here.

Ok, I will then make a move. The fourth friend went ahead he was tired and alone. But thinking about the wealth he kept on going further. I am walking on an endless road I might have lost the way also and this marble is also not dropping.

Then he heard a moan from nearby. He saw an injured and bleeding man with a big wheel. What are you doing with this big wheel on your head?

Suddenly the fourth friend saw that big wheel flew towards his own head. Oh….! Oh….! What is this? What have you done? And why? Take it away from me.

I can’t do anything this is the wheel of the god of wealth to save guard his wealth, he is spinning this wheel. I also came here in greed for money now till this wheel is spinning on your head. You will be restless but never suffer from thirst hunger or old age ailments.

Oh! Oh god! oh! I am doomed, oh! When shall I be free of this circle?

I don't know but you will have to wait till another person with a greed for diamonds arrives here. What are you saying? Oh! I am dying of this pain I have a splitting pain in my head. But you shall have to bear it for a very long time. Oh.... oh! And for how long had you been bearing this pain?

I can’t remember that far but when my magical marble first dropped here in greed for diamonds I left copper, silver and gold treasures. I came here I saw a man with the same wheel here and you know the rest. Now you have relieved me, I thank you very much.

The third friend got tired of waiting for him. Oh! God, where is my friend? Would he be trapped in a dangerous situation? He was pressing to go forward. So, he went ahead in search of the fourth friend.

So, you are here what are you doing? Remove this wheel, and let’s go home we shall share the gold. Don’t worry. No, dear, I won’t be able to come with you. This is a wheel of fortune or rather a misfor-tune. And the fourth friend narrated the whole story to him and the third friend said,

"Ambitious Friends" short funny bedtime storids for kids in English

“This is not a wheel of fortune but a wheel of greed. When you acquired gold also you were not satisfied you were insisting to go ahead in search of diamonds. Now you have to face the consequences.”

He uttered oh! God, I am unable to help my friend even though I wish to help him.

Moral: Don’t be over ambitious.

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