Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ambitious Friends

free kids bedtime stories of "Ambitious Friends"

Once upon a time, four friends from a village went to a cottage of a great man called Brahmadanda. Brahmadanda had a lot of spiritual powers. He was going towards his cottages when he saw these men and he asked, May I know who are you? And why have you come here? We need your blessings, sir. Oh! Only blessings or something else also.

Sir, we know that you have lots of powers, so please help us. We have left our homes and families, denounced all of the possessions, we are in search of pure gold either we get gold or we lose our lives. We just can’t leave it to luck please show us a way we shall be extremely grateful to you. 

It seems you are very obstinate I think, I shall have to do something for you. Ok, I shall assist you.

free "Ambitious Friends" kids bedtime stories

Thank you, sir. When he came out of his cottage he had four marbles in his hand. I shall distribute one marble each amongst you, and then, you will have to go to the mountains right away, and mind it where ever a marble drops, you start digging there you will find a hidden treasure on that spot and you can take that and go back home happily.

Thank you, sir. Then four of them started their journey to the mountains each one with a spade in hand.

A marble slipped out of one of the friend’s hand, and he said look, look this marble has slipped out of my hand, so don’t delay, let’s dig here. Let’s be fast, dig up the treasure.

Digging was in full swing and soon there was a big hole. Look there are large deposits of copper metal it is a huge treasure. Why don’t we distribute among ourselves and go back home?

What will we do with this copper? The copper will not make us enough rich. Exactly, we should march further then think about it. Yes, after all, we didn’t leave our homes to collect copper.

We have come here for gold …. pure gold. As you wish, I will not go further this copper is at enough for myself. I would like to go home. I can get a lot of money from it for my whole life. He picked up a bundle of copper and returned home.

The other three continue towards the mountains. Hardly had they gone a few kilometers, another marble fell from another friend’s hand. There they dig out they found big chunks of silver rocks.

Now we shouldn’t be greedy, silver is precious metal too. Let’s distribute and go back home. it has been long since we left home.

What? You mean, we don’t see what is in store for us ahead maybe it’s gold. Don’t talk like a fool, we take this with us and move further.

No, I can’t go further, I am tired. And I am satisfied with silver you may go but I will not accompany you. Oh! Well, as you please but we shall not go back without gold. Now only two of them were left who continued towards the mountains.   continue.... 

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